Due to the nature of the digital files and the fact that digital files, once sent, cannot be returned, we do not refund. We will issue refund in case that the files are not complete, corrupted or we could not deliver your files. Please review the samples before placing your order.

We strive to achieve zero refunds through a sufficient and foolproof system of verification and purchase as follows. We have sufficient check points to ensure that the product is verified from all possible characteristics before buying.  All our products are digital downloads and hence not returnable. However, an extreme case of human error or a technical failure on our part shall be handled internally between the Site Owner’s dedicated customer support via E-mails or Live Chat and amicably resolved based on a case to case basis.

1. The test bank or solutions manual / textbook solutions file is corrupted. Each solutions manual and test bank we deliver are usually tested before delivery. However on some occasion it might be corrupted. When this happens, please do let us know and we will fix the problem for you. If we cannot fix the problem, then we can issue refund or exchange

2. On rare occasion the test bank / solutions manual do not meet your expectation. Some might be incomplete chapters. In this case, please contact us to resolve the issue. We can also issue refund or exchange. We are extremely fair vendor, so we expect you to be fair to us as well